Our Projects
Innocent Angel
Innocent Chocolate

Healthy chocolate, healthy planet.

Urban Farms/ W2E

From waste, to energy, to purest, organic foods.


Money is not important when we have unlimited resources.

Earthfuel image

Powering Sustainability and Education.

Industrial Hemp Coalitions

Hemp based global carbon credit generating programs.

Helios Water

Using the sun to produce pure water from ocean water.


You're here for a reason. We all are.

That reason is unique to each and every one of us. Who we get to be to accomplish our mission in life is up to us, and making it happen means we must have a planet to do it. A field to play, a home to live in and on.That's what EarthCorp is about. Team, all us working together to accomplish our unique individual life missions while supporting everyone else to accomplish theirs. We see our planet as the vehicle for dreams to happen. TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.
–Walter Disney

Exactly what is EarthCorp?


(ûrth) the planet third in order of distance from the sun, between Venus and Mars; the world on which we live.


An abbreviation for “corporation”(Pronounced “CORP” like Corporation) A corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners. Corporations enjoy most of the rights and responsibilities that individuals possess: they can enter contracts, loan and borrow money, sue and be sued, hire employees, own assets, and pay taxes. Some refer to it as a "legal person."

What's in a name?

EarthCorp is the legal entity of our planet earth. Humanity has created many systems, one being our legal system, and the formation of legal entities we call Corporations. We give them all the meaning and rights of living persons, and often we use this concept to excuse or justify our actions, however we must keep in mind that this is a human concept that our planet Earth does not “understand.” Earth also does not understand human created synthetics, like plastics and other substances that do not occur naturally. EarthCorp is about bridging the gap of that misunderstanding. It's about our Earth being a legal corporation that has the same rights bestowed upon any corporation, and making it a profitable corporate enterprise that humans all understand and want to work with. Legally defensible, economically profitable.

Economic Success

In our drive to succeed under our definition of economic success, we have forgotten that Earth is the very source of all our success, all our raw materials, our very existence in itself. If we run out of resources (Earth), we are out of business! Therefore, EarthCorp makes environmental regeneration economically appealing: creating jobs, enterprise, and economic growth within the framework of environmental regeneration. True circular economy. We put back 100% of what we take out, in a form that our planet understands. For example, Earth Cannot break down plastic polymers, so we create a way to make breaking them down commercially appealing, and we do it ourselves. Infinite resources, infinite economic growth.


Free goods or services

EarthCorp is not a charity in the sense that we do not redistribute our funding in the form of free goods or services. Our funds are used to create profitable businesses. We are a nonprofit, however we make a profit, we just put it back into the cycle to create more jobs and enterprises. In our view, traditional nonprofits must fail by virtue of their very existence: they run counter to the design of our society, which is to make profit. To make money through enterprise. Economics. At EarthCorp we consider ourselves humanitarian capitalists.

What is environmental regeneration?

Our planet has a finite amount of resources. If we use them all up, we are out of business in more ways than one. Environmental regeneration is about the total recycling of our planetary resources. A circular process that ensures we have enough resources to keep businesses, and life, running optimally. EarthCorp does not debate the issue of climate change or global warming, rather we focus on Human Induced Climate Alteration (HICA). HICA is anything humanity does to alter our planetary environment in a negative way, that is, any way that harms business or life. For all us to have a good business and a good life, we must have a good and healthy planet.

At EarthCorp we are building our dream of linking our global retail economic cycle to environmental regeneration. A closed loop life cycle that everyone profits from, at every level. Our Philosophy and Projects are built around this. We work within the economic system as humanity has created it, while staying outside the box. No politics, no bureaucracy, just functional projects that support people and planet, and make money doing it.


Accountability vs Responsibility.

Often seen as similar or the same, these two words carry dramatically different meanings. Responsibility implies possible guilt. A “them or us” view, guilty/not guilty. Accountability is just the facts, the numbers, as in accounting. No guilt, no emotion, just record keeping. We get results from record keeping.

There is no place for hypocrisy in environmentalism.

As an environmentalist, how can I complain about the oil and gas industry when I drive a car? I'm using fossil fuels. My car is manufactured with the majority of parts coming from petroleum products. If I drive an electric car, where is the power coming from? The overwhelming majority of that electricity is derived from coal and fossil fuel powered electric plants. The majority of the car is made from petroleum based products.If I'm going to a environmental preservation rally in another state or country, and I hop on a plane, where did that fuel come from? Where did the plastic construction of a plane come from? If I'm on a train, same questions. We live in a contemporary society that we have developed. At each moment in time we may or may not have made the best choices we could have, but we made them and we're here. Now we get to look at our results and we get to change them together. Casting blame on other groups when we're all equally culpable is not going to do it.

Thriving in abundance vs Surviving in scarcity

ven today with over 7 billion persons on our planet, there is more than enough for us all to thrive in abundance. We limit ourselves in our thinking and through our values. A large portion of humanity places Certainty as their primary value: to feel safe and secure. This relates back to evolutionary nature and our genetic drive for survival. In modern times this translates as job security, which is based in economics. It's about money. By having a healthy, thriving planet, we gain that high level of certainty and security that we have all the essentials in life.

Abundance is the essence of the Universe. The underlying, ever present, intent of the quantum world is a world of infinite possibilities. We have nothing to invent. We simply have to open our minds to it and tune into it.

–-- Abundance on Demand, Colette Streicher


What is Say’s law?

Say’s law, also known as Say’s law of markets in economics, states that supply itself creates its own demand. According to Say’s law, aggregate production necessarily creates an equal amount of aggregate demand. It is an economic rule that production is the source of demand.

When somebody produces a good or service, they get paid for that work, and are then able to use that money to demand other products and services. In other words, the money you earn from the production of new goods or the provision of an additional service is spent, which pushes up levels of demand.

At EarthCorp, we employ Say’s law to all forms of industry under our model. Production is the source of demand. When there are plenty of resources available, production will naturally follow. By regenerating everything humanity produces, we create that infinite supply of resources to stimulate more production, more demand, more economic growth.

Our philosophy is clear: We are one, we're all in this together. Creating opposition or sides, finger pointing or placing blame will get nothing accomplished. We all get to resolve this challenge with honesty and integrity. Let's get real. We're in this together, we need to resolve it together.

Currently, these are our

If we don't like them as a society, we get to change them.
At EarthCorp we don't like them, so we are changing them. That's our game.
Want to play with us?

Our Mission

By making environmental regeneration economically appealing, EarthCorp creates jobs, social and traditional business enterprises, and economic growth. It is our intention to create employment opportunities for no less than 3% of the impoverished or unemployed in the countries we operate, alongside global opportunities for unique enterprises.