Innocent Chocolate

The Challenge

Innocent Chocolate ( was envisioned and created to support our GESERP Project. The goal was to align the economic model of for-profit companies with the beneficial environmental philosophies that often come from non-profit ventures. Innocent Chocolate is the first GESERP model company built to prove the model and lead by example. However, in supporting our pilot program we learned another important lesson: a healthier planet can also mean healthier inhabitants, and a healthier financial bottom line.

In order to turn ever larger profits companies often turn to reduced ingredient quality. Preservatives to increase shelf life, fats and sugars to artificially sweeten, and harmful pesticides for crops are all examples of regular occurrences in the food industry.

None of this for Innocent Chocolate products. We produce only 100% natural, organic, delights with loads of healthy science hidden inside.

The Solution

At Innocent Chocolate, we work with EarthCorp to support Small Food Producers in various countries to create better working conditions, and higher incomes. We educate and support them in organic practices so they see those higher returns for the superior crop they produce. Good for local cacao farming communities and even better for the planet.

Yes, our chocolate is 100% Organic. But, what is more important to us is what is not in our Chocolate. No sugar, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no GMOs, and certified vegan!

By empowering Small Food Producers and creating better trade conditions, we support the communities in achieving sustainability. When we say you will feel good about eating this chocolate, we mean it!

Our Philosophy

We believe Earth can still be returned to health, but only if global preservation becomes an integral part of the economic cycle. Innocent Chocolate was formed under the EarthCorp GESERP Project and we contribute our profits back into preserving, protecting, and restoring the planet.

By supporting Small Food Producers and educating them on how to grow 100% organic cacao beans, they are able to earn greater profit. And because the beans are organic, they are good for our planet. It is a win for the Food Producers and communities, a win for us, and a win for anyone that loves guilt-free chocolate.

Exciting News!

Innocent Chocolate is excited to announce the release of a full new brand line for Fall 2022! Because of our unique nature as a true functional food line, we are shifting from traditional hard chocolate bars to a full line of phenomenally delicious dark chocolate and white chocolate spreads, smooth and creamy chocolate shots, vegan, sugar free, near zero calorie marshmallow, and more! Always organic, vegan, sugar free, allergen free (including gluten), and non-GMO.

We are equally excited to welcome back award-winning master chocolatier, Chef Veejooruth Purmessur (affectionately known as Chef P). Chef P has worked with Innocent over the past several years and is coming back in Summer 2021.Chef P will be back to develop unique, new, ultra-healthy products that follow the Innocent standards. Chef P. holds licensed mastery in: chocolate, pastries, baked goods, coffee, and cuisine.