Powering Sustainability and Education

EarthFuel™ is a brand of EarthCorp, and an independent non-profit company. EarthFuel represents renewable biofuels, and fully sustainable hydrogen fuel. Our current primary global energy sources are fossil based and nonrenewable, which result in the release of large amounts of stored carbon into our environment, destabilizing our planet's delicate balance. Our best source of renewable biofuel is found in hemp oil, from hemp seeds. This oil can be converted to biofuel. It is fully renewable, and carbon neutral. Carbon offset credits can also be earned from the growth of the hemp.

The EarthFuel program will be initiated by EarthCorp through a combination of federal grant funding supported by private equity contributions. EarthFuel funding is used to establish ol conversion plants (refineries) where hemp seed oil is converted on a 1:1 ration into ASTM certified biodiesel suited to all commercial uses, and having zero sulfur. The growing / farming aspect is designed to allow for farmers of any size to participate. EarthFuel will provide long term offtake contracts for the farmers full production, which supports them to obtain USDA and State funding. The overall front end mission is to support US farmers, create new jobs, further US decarbonization, and strengthen the overall economy using environmentally responsible techniques in the struggling energy sector. Carbon offset credit will also be pre-marketed to assist with startup costs.

Dawson Racing Partnership

Dawson Racing is a professional International Motorsports company. A real world race team with 60 years experience and substantial history in technological developments used in real world applications, such as the first long endurance diesel motor, and co-developers of the Ford EcoBoost engine. Dawson is currently developing what will be the first hydrogen electric race car which represents the use of fully sustainable, carbon neutral, fuel. StemGen ( SGNI: OTC) is the public vehicle holding the Dawson D3 E-sports platform.


EarthCorp has partnered with Dawson racing to create a virtual to real experience in the E-sports racing world, with a particular focus on global youths. Education is a key component, and the organizations are STEM accredited. Our goal is to educate and inspire future generations to understand what the transformation to a sustainable lifestyle looks like. A multifaceted online platform has been created which engages major sponsors globally, including universities, to provide substantial education opportunities for youths and others who are members of the platform.

As part of this overall model, EarthCorp, through EarthFuel, has created a system to generate large amounts of funding for education using environmental regeneration as the source.

Biodiesel produced from hemp seeds is sold under the EarthFuel brand. Along with Dawson and the E-Sports platform we are showing the transition from unsustainable fossil fuels to renewable biodiesel, ultimately to fully sustainable hydrogen fuel.

This central platform for the E-sports community is a fully comprehensive design with a reward points system built in. When members play E-sports games or race on real world simulators, they accrue rewards points. More importantly, when they take educational courses offered through the platform, they accrue points, but those points are at a 5X greater value than gaming points. Points can be exchanged for drive simulator time, membership fees, assorted special offerings, and in particular, EarthCorp will provide an opportunity for those points to be banked in an escrow.

Rewards Points With A Real Cash Value

EarthCorp will then match the rewards points with a real cash value derived from the sale of the EarthFuel. Those funds will be permanently frozen and inaccessible to the members. Once the members reach the age for higher education, EarthCorp will pay their tuition costs from the accrued fund up to whatever level was earned. EarthCorp will continue to reinvest the funds into the EarthFuel program to develop a higher return for the members, while also collaborating with universities for reduced tuition rates.

Courses are provided by universities and sponsors and offered for free to members on the platform. Engaging in the new world of digital tools, when members complete courses, their performance history is stored as an NFT (Non Fungible Token) and registered on the blockchain. It is transparent and provides an educational performance and growth history. This can be reviewed by sponsors, universities, and other potential organizations looking for qualified new members.

A highly diverse offering of courses will expose members to the broadest opportunities possible, in the spirit of a liberal arts approach.Offerings will include: arts and sciences such as humanities and social science fields, applied scientific and technical fields and professional fields of study. Sponsors are obligated to provide different tiers of programs leading from entry level exposure to high level training, where advanced credits can be earned towards higher education institutions.

To display the real world aspect of this program, a premier destination is being established in South Florida, where a complete virtual to real ecosystem is being developed.. This location will house multiple driver simulators where participants can come to qualify and race in the cup series. This program and location will include programs provided by EarthCorp for small business incubators, projects including indoor Urban Farms and other job and business opportunities, and additional real world experiences derived from the virtual world of E-sports.