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Who Are We?

As a nonprofit, humanitarian orgnaization, we strive to make the largetst positive difference in the world as possible. We have declared to set a new standard for the lowest operating budget of any foundation. Every board member has a voluntary position. You either are passionate about this vision or not. There is no money wasted on fundraising or advertisement thanks to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) system which inspires corporations to give discounts to consumers while concurrently donating to EarthCorp.

Our Corporate Social Reasonability (CSR) rating system has the power to educate consumers, enroll corporations to be more responsible and help them to do so at no cost, and perpetually fund EarthCorp and its global initiatives such as the Global Economic Stimulation and Environmental Restoration Program (GESERP). This unique system had been developed over the past 16 years and will be released in late 2018. WWe firmly believe it is the most innovative and impactful socio-economic project of all time, and we are committed to it’s success to preserve our planet.

EarthCorp (EC) sees new possibilities. We envision a world that is restored and protected; where all people work together to mutually benefit one another and simultaneously serve our planet. The industrial manufacturing and retail economic systems we have created have too much momentum be stopped and shifted from the outside. We can solve our problems by utilizing what is already in place. No dramatic changes, no massive, cumbesome and unrealistic ventures. Instead, we are using a simple, highly effective model that adapts all of our existing socio-economic systems into a holistic approach where everyone wins: Small Food Producers, Manufactureres, Commerical Retailers, Consumers, Industrial Sector Businesss, and most importantly, our Planet.

EarthCorp Extends Beyond Our Team

As part of our core philosophy we believe We Are All One.  One race, One people, One life, One World.  When all of of humanitiy recognizes this fundamental fact, our suffering will end. When we all truly see that  there are no differences amongst any of us, or any life on our planet, prosperity on all levels will abound. We espouse this philosophy and endeavor to share it will everyone we come in contact with.

Beyond our team there are many other people that make EarthCorp a reality.  All the projects that we take on would not be possible without the continued contributions of the businesses that choose to invest through us back into the communities. Our outreach program to educate local farming communities in environmentally friendly practices would not be possible without investments. By working harmoniously with companies to educate them about the impact they have on our planet, while linking our consumer based spending cycles to globally benevolent agendas, we can transform the planet now and for the future. What’s great about “investments” in EarthCorp is that they are returned, with profit.  Just  like any traditional investment, businesses can particpate to help support EarthCorp and never need worry about hurting their bottom line. 

That leads to the Small Food Producers (SFPs). We created this term to shift the global view and understanding about Famers. When we all recognize how crtically important and valuable all those persons that grow the very sustainance that supports our lives are, our respect and appreciation will empower them. The word Farmer has often taken on a less important meaning over the past decades. We have lost our understanding of what it really means.  We choose Food Producers as a way to shift our views and rekindle the importance of these critical persons in our society.

SFPs and farming communities trust EarthCorp and our pilot programs. We personally go to  the farms to meet with the families and owners. We thrive on that close connection. We are eternally grateful for their willingness to work with EarthCorp and advance their experience and learn how we all really are One. 

The last part of our EarthCorp team is you, the Consumer and Member. When you are interested in improving conditions for people around the world and making a positive impact on the environment you put pressure on large businesses to meet those demands.you choose how to spend your money, and we provide you a way to make fully informed decisions about the businesses that you support. Imagine,  7 billion strong!  When just half of us are using our power choice to insist on positive change and growth, nothing in the Universe will hold us all back.  YOU are EarthCorp.  We owe EarthCorp’s success to you!

EarthCorp exists for you, for everyone, EarthCorp IS everyone, all of us working together. We truly all are One. 

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