Our Vision

Advancing the global environmental conversation through education and empowerment


Eco-friendly programs aimed at revitalizing the planet to a healthy balance


A healthy planet starts with educating the inhabitants, let’s shift the global conversation


Together we can make responsible decisions that push growth, for the planet and it’s inhabitants

Our Origin

EarthCorp was first envisioned on June 6, 2002, and founded as a non-profit in April, 2009 with the goal of protecting, preserving, and empowering the global community through integrity! We are striving to connect consumers with environmentally conscious businesses. When we started we realized a fundamental flaw with the existing non-profit environmental cycle. Past and present efforts by other environmental preservation funds are hampered by insufficient funding or an inability to generate that funding without relying exclusively on donations. By working with large businesses to directly connect them to environmentally sustainable producers we greatly reduce our dependency on individual donors. We want to establish a new benchmark for humanitarian organizations and how the funds they generate are utilized for their duties rather than the self-gain of their members. EarthCorp will have the lowest ratio of funds used for operational activities versus chartered duties.

How It Works

Our model will utilize investments from for-profit businesses to lower their cost of goods, and to advance our goals in two phases. This design allows EarthCorp to operate without reliance on individual benefactor donations. We work to educate and empower local artisans and communities to provide goods in a sustainable manner. Large businesses work with EarthCorp to connect with sustainably produced, high quality goods. Businesses flourish, consumers get environmentally friendly products, and the a healthier planet thrives. As the EarthCorp community grows and the number of goods producers and large businesses increases EarthCorp will start to roll out new benefits. Our top priority will always be environmentally friendly and sustainably produced goods.

Current Projects

Although still young, EarthCorp has several projects underway on a global scale. Waste cleanup and reef restoration work has started to restore oceans around the world. Commercial indoor farming, water purification, and energy production will benefit urban populations. And three pilot programs are underway in Costa Rica to determine the most viable crops and the most environmentally positive growth techniques for agricultural self sufficiency and soil restoration.

Want to learn more about the projects EarthCorp is working on?

What Comes Next

As the EarthCorp community grows, so too will the number of initiatives. Our biggest program rolling out in the coming months will be our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. A lot of the power in the world’s economic cycle is in the hands of large businesses. The CSR program aims to categorize and rate businesses globally. But our rating system is different; there are no failing grades and ratings are not meant to pass judgement on companies that are not performing well. We rate businesses based on their efforts and willingness to operate an environmentally-friendly business and offer earth-friendly products and services. Products and services are traced back from the idea that spawned it through to the retailer where you shop.

The driving force behind the CSR program is not EarthCorp though. The power is directly in the hands of You, the consumers. Consumers that join or EarthCorp Rewards program can choose to shop and buy goods from companies that are rated higher in the CSR program. EarthCorp will support and educate retailers to improve their enviro-scores in all ways possible. The technology and organization allows EarthCorp members to determine which businesses they feel deserve their patronage. With the Rewards program you get discounts, raise money to support EarthCorp’s planet preserving projects, and receive the power of knowledge… all at no cost to you, ever.

Our Team

Everyone that works for or with EarthCorp stands behind Our Vision 100%. All of us individually recognize the power we have as a collective, and that collective is represented by EarthCorp. All projects start as ideas hatched and nurtured internally. From small pilots programs to global initiatives, our team is pushing to move the environmental conversation forward.

EarthCorp has a passionate founder, a team of imaginative and passionate visionaries, and a board that volunteers their time because they stand behind the causes. More than that, we are the small farming communities in Costa Rica, the large businesses that constantly strive to lessen their environmental footprint, and the fresh startup company using our pilot program to create a healthier planet.

EarthCorp is all about making the world a better place. Get to know the team that is bringing it all together

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