Our Vision

Advancing the global environmental conversation through education and empowerment


Eco-friendly programs aimed at revitalizing our planet to a healthy balance, working in harmony with human society 


A healthy planet starts with educated and aware  inhabitants, so let’s shift the global conversation and create a shared goal together


Together we can make responsible decisions that inspire growth for our planet and it’s inhabitants by using a holistic approach  and unity

Our Origin

EarthCorp was first envisioned on June 14, 2001, and founded as a non-profit in April, 2009 with the goal of protecting and preserving our environment, while empowering the global community through integrity!  Our programs connect consumers with environmentally conscious businesses in a way that allows the consumers, the businesses, and our planet to win without anyone needing to spend a penny. When we began we realized a fundamental flaw with the existing non-profit environmental cycle. Past and present efforts by other environmental preservation funds are hampered by insufficient funding or an inability to generate that funding without relying exclusively on donations. By working with small and large businesses in the manufacturing and retail sectors, we directly connect them to environmentally sustainable producers to create increased revenues for all parties at no cost to anyone.  We remove our dependency on individual donors and create a safe space for socio-economic growth linked to environmental preservation. We are establishing a new benchmark for sustainable preservation structured within our socio-economic cycle that generates large amounts of funding. We are setting an elevated new standard for how those funds are utilized for the vision and cause. EarthCorp will have the lowest ratio of funds used for operational activities versus chartered duties.

How It Works

EarthCorp uses two primary models.  Our first is the Global Economic Stimulation and Environmental Restoration Program(GESERP).  This is our actual field work. In this program we use proven, existing techniques such as intercropping, aquaponics, organic-only pesticides, and more alongside our advanced economic model in which we provide multiple streams of income for the Small Food Producers (SFPs; aka Farmers) that work with us. We support them with all the tools they need to produce the crops which we then purchase at or above Fair-Trade values. EarthCorp produces retail ready consumer products, markets and sells them, and shares large amounts of the profits with the SFPs.  This process provides multiple streams of income that dramatically elevate the SFPs economically while also eliminating their reliance and risks in single crops. Environmentally this eliminates monocropping, restores and invigorates the soil, flora, and fauna, and generates far more economic profit on a per-hectare basis than any method ever used.

In another phase of the GESERP model we utilize investments from for-profit manufacturers to lower their cost of goods, and to advance our goals in two phases. We acquire additional lands to expand the program and employ more SFPs, and we stimulate economic growth for the businesses’ and the SFPs.   This creates a safe space for both parties to work together for greater profit for everyone while ultimately not requiring any out of pocket costs from  the for-profit businesses because they are paid back through additional discounts on the raw materials we raise. This process creates a relationship that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and exhibits the unique nature of EarthCorp.

Our second primary model is called the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rating system.

This design allows EarthCorp to operate without reliance on individual benefactor donations. We work to educate and empower local artisans and communities to provide goods in a sustainable manner. Large businesses work with EarthCorp to connect with sustainably produced, high quality goods. Businesses flourish, consumers get environmentally friendly products, and  a healthier planet thrives. As the EarthCorp community grows and the number of goods producers and large businesses increases EarthCorp will start to roll out new benefits. Our top priority will always be environmentally friendly and sustainably produced goods that are also socio-economically sustainable.

Current Projects

We have been working behind the scenes for 16+ years to analyze our global situation and create an effective, sustainable model that works within our society on all levels.  In our experience radical changes are not realistic because they demand too many alterations in existing systems. They cost too much economically and socially.  Our models use our existing systems and simply change the flow a little bit: we use a holistic approach to alter patterns for everyone’s benefit with no costs, and essentially no effort required.

Although still young, EarthCorp has several projects underway on an expanding global scale.  EarthCorp curates a critical portion of a historical agronomic research farm in Costa Rica with the international research university Catie, in which the Cocoa Improvement Program (CIP) is working to preserve cacao. There at the farm called La Lola, we are managing and caring for a large part of the cocoa gene bank research field which is made up of hundreds of varieties of cacao that were specially bred over 25 years to produce versions that have high resistance to the viruses that devastated the entire industry in South and Central America.  Along with viral resistance the naturally hybridized genetic clones are also bred to have top flavor profiles and highest possible production. The top five species meeting at these three vectors have been steadily reintroduced to the native varietals to allow those qualities to ultimately be transferred to the native plants and natural growth and evolution to continue with the new benefits.

EarthCorp is employing cacao as our first commercial commodity traded crop to prove out the environmental and socio-economic model of GESERP along with numerous secondary crops, which are non-commodity crops that we believe have substantial economic value in our process.  We are determining the most viable crops and the most environmentally positive growth techniques for agricultural self-sufficiency and soil restoration in this region and how it may apply to others.  All of this is now underway at La Lola with Catie /CIP.   In each country we operate we develop working relationships with well recognized major Universities and Government organizations. This establishes credibility while helping fund University research and better integrate their research findings in truly functional manners that will help advance our society.

As part of employing and vetting the model, EarthCorp is supporting over 175 SFPs in the same region to purchase their cocoa crops. From this we engage a SFP that acts as a collective supervisor and also ferments and dries the cocoa beans. We then purchase them and fund the processing, then we sell them to Innocent Chocolate Products, LLC of the US. Innocent was designed and built by EarthCorp to prove how a for-profit business can work with a non-profit foundation to attain greater profits and higher social responsibility without any need to donate funding.  Innocent Chocolate™ also exists to generate funding for EarthCorp until the CSR and GESERP are fully functional, making EarthCorp fully self-sustaining. All net profits from Innocent Chocolate go to EarthCorp, while Innocent is also setting the stage for the release of a full consumer products line made from the secondary crops.

We will release the initial product line in Spring 2018 from the secondary crops and some of the cacao produced at La Lola, and then the local region as the program grows and evolves.  This milestone will prove the functional sustainability of that project on all three key levels: environmental, social, and economic. In this model, EarthCorp provides everything necessary for SFPs to raise the crops appropriate to that region which have economic value in our design. We pay above Fair-Trade values for the raw materials, then we produce retail consumer goods which we market and sell.  Using a unique economic model, we create multiple streams of income for the Food Producers while we preserve and protect the environment and stimulate the regional, and ultimately national, economy of the country.

In the US we are preparing to issue an Industrial Revenue Bond to mirror the project in Costa Rica and prove how GESERP can function effectively in any country of any economic standing.

Want to learn more about the projects EarthCorp is working on?

What Comes Next

As the EarthCorp community grows, so too will the number of initiatives. Our biggest program rolling out in the coming months will be our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. A lot of the power in the world’s economic cycle is in the hands of large businesses. The CSR program aims to categorize and rate businesses globally. But our rating system is different; there are no failing grades and ratings are not meant to pass judgement on companies that are not performing well. We rate businesses based on their efforts and willingness to operate an environmentally-friendly business and offer earth-friendly products and services. Products and services are traced back from the idea that spawned it through to the retailer where you shop.

The driving force behind the CSR program is not EarthCorp though. The power is directly in the hands of You, the consumers. Consumers that join or EarthCorp Rewards program can choose to shop and buy goods from companies that are rated higher in the CSR program. EarthCorp will support and educate retailers to improve their enviro-scores in all ways possible. The technology and organization allows EarthCorp members to determine which businesses they feel deserve their patronage. With the Rewards program you get discounts, raise money to support EarthCorp’s planet preserving projects, and receive the power of knowledge… all at no cost to you, ever.

Our Team

Everyone that works for or with EarthCorp stands behind Our Vision 100%. All of us individually recognize the power we have as a collective, and that collective is represented by EarthCorp. All projects start as ideas hatched and nurtured internally. From small pilots programs to global initiatives, our team is pushing to move the environmental conversation forward.

EarthCorp has a passionate founder, a team of imaginative and passionate visionaries, and a board that volunteers their time because they stand behind the causes. More than that, we are the small farming communities in Costa Rica, the large businesses that constantly strive to lessen their environmental footprint, and the fresh startup company using our pilot program to create a healthier planet.

EarthCorp is all about making the world a better place. Get to know the team that is bringing it all together

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