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The Challenge

Innocent Chocolate was brought to fruition in order to aid our GESERP Project. The goal was to align the economic model of for-profit companies around the world with the beneficial environmental philosophies that often come from non-profit ventures. Innocent Chocolate was founded as a GESERP model company, we wanted to lead by example. However, in supporting our pilot program we learned another important lesson: a healthier planet can also mean healthier inhabitants.

In order to turn ever larger profits companies often turn to reduced ingredient quality. Preservatives to increase shelf life, fats and sugars to artificially sweeten, and harmful pesticides for crops are all examples of regular occurrences in the food industry.

How do we shift from cheaper, processes foods to healthier, all-natural ingredients?

TheĀ Solution

At Innocent Chocolate, we work directly with local Dominican farmers to ensure their cacao beans meet our 100% Organic standard. By educating local farmers in organic practices they see higher returns for the superior crop they produce. Good for local cacao farming communities and even better for the planet.

It is true, our chocolate is 100% Organic! But, what is more important to us is what is missing from our Chocolate. No sugar, no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no GMOs, and certified vegan!

By empowering farmers and creating better trade conditions, we support the communities in achieving sustainability. When we say you will feel good about eating this chocolate, we mean it!

Our Philosophy

We believe Earth can still be returned to health, but only if global preservation becomes an integral part of the economic cycle. Innocent Chocolate&trade was formed under the EarthCorp GESERP Project and we donate 100% of our profits back into preserving, protecting, and restoring the planet.

By supporting local farmers and educating them on how to grow 100% organic cacao beans, they are able to sell their crops for more money. And because the beans are organic, they are good for out planet. It is a win for the farmers and communities, a win for us, and a win for anyone that loves guilt-free chocolate.

100 percent organic

100% Certified Organic Cacao Beans

When food is certified organic you are ensured that it has not been treated with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Innocent Chocolateā„¢ is made with 100% certified organic Hispaniola cacao beans, grown (with love) in the Dominican Republic. You have our guarantee that our chocolate, developed by health fanatic scientist, only contains the best ingredients. Good for you and good for the planet.

non gmo

Grown the Way Nature Intended

A GMO is a living organism where the base genetic material has been altered. Many crop seeds are modified under the guise of combatting starvation, but it comes with its own set of problem. Often times modified seeds can lead to low crop yield, herbicide tolerance build up, or health dangers to native insect and animal species. To be safe, we stay away from GMO seeds and work with local farmers to protect their crops from GMO contamination.

fair trade

Supporting Local Farmers

We believe that the best chocolate starts with the farms that grow the cacao seeds. In support of the local farms and communities we ensure the collective of farmers that grow our organic cocoa beans are fairly compensated and are able to provide for their families. By empowering farmers to create better trading conditions we achieve a greater level of sustainability. When we say you will feel good eating this chocolate, we mean it.

gluten free

Why We Make Chocolate Without Gluten

Gluten is used as an emulsifier or a thickener and is found in wheat, barley, and rye. In addition to causing problems for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, we simply do not see gluten as a necessary ingredient. And if it is not necessary, why add it at all?

sugar free

Natural Diabetic-Friendly Sweetener

Our sugar-free sweetener comes from the Stevia plant – a cousin of the hippies favorite flower, the daisy. Stevia is 200x sweeter than cane sugar, so we use much less of it. It has zero calories and results in lower insulin levels when used as a replacement for sugar.


Simply Vegan

The health benefits of dark chocolate get lost when you dilute them the ingredients with milk. Our chocolate has no dairy or animal products at all.

no dairy

No Dairy Products

no soy

No Soy Products

Exciting News!

Innocent Chocolate&trade is proud to announce the partnership with award-winning Dutch master chocolatier Chef Veejooruth Purmessur (popularly known as Chef P).

Chef P will represent Innocent Chocolate&trade at upcoming food shows and chocolate festivals in 2015-16. He will share his expertise, conduct demonstrations and create extravagant chocolate sculptures throughout the shows.

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