The Challenge

In an effort to push for higher profits and greater returns on investment, for-profit business are substituting quality ingredients for with cheaper, mass-produced goods. This is starting to take a toll on the health on the consumer and the global ecosystem. Not only does this lead to a strain on the planet and the natural resources it can produce, but also plays into an overall decrease in the socio-economic standing of local farmers and communities around the world.

When farmers and communities are forced to do whatever they can to support their families, their focus is not on environmentally positive growth techniques, soil restoration, or farming without pesticides. As a result, farmers push their land to the breaking point all the while continuing to lose ground in the global economy.

The Solution

Small farmers throughout history have been at a large disadvantage due to lack of education and knowledge about economics and technology. EarthCorp balances this inequity by providing high tech growing methods to small farmers along with education on how to use the new methods as well as how crops become a valued commodity. The ultimate goal is to create not just self sustaining communities, but profitable ones that flourish.

The crops grown follow our Eco-Forestry Program that incorporates a commodity traded crop with additional cash crops, grasses, shrubs, bamboos, and other crops that serve to produce additional income for the farmers while also effectively preserving and restoring the soil and the environment overall.

The Three E’s of GESERP



The focus is on preservation and restoration.  We pair environmentally friendly farming practices with soil remediation.  Additionally, we always look to make improvements in product processing and manufacturing to further reduce our footprint.



Development through agriculture, with the focus on improving the socio-economic standing and farming infrastructure of local communities around the world.  We work to pair farmers producing high quality, environmentally friendly products with businesses aiming to support a healthier, greener planet.



When farmers have interest in the final end product they strive to provide the highest quality product. If the end retailer has a revenue sharing model with the farmers, they will seek to maximize profit and assure sales.  All sides work together and everyone wins!

How Everyone Wins


  • Receive education about the environment and how preserving it increases crop value (growing organic, no pesticides, fair trade)
  • Community wide infrastructure support
  • Direction connections to businesses and profit sharing of retail end product


  • Receive high quality products at a controlled price range
  • Supplying funds to pilot farming community guarantees production at a reduced cost, creating more available operating capital
  • Potential increase in consumer spending through environmentally friendly products


  • Greater access to environmentally friendly end products
  • Easily accessible information on how businesses are performing with regards to environmental standing
  • End product discounts after EarthCorp rolls out Corporate Social Responsibility project

Pilot Programs

Pilot Programs

Currently, three GESERP pilot programs underway in Costa Rica to determine the most viable crops and the most environmentally positive growth techniques. These include a 500 acre farm in the Osa region of Costa Rica, a 2.2 acre location in the Central Valley, and 45 acres in the Arenal region.

Total Pilot Acreage

Currently, our farming pilot programs contain nearly 550 acres of farming land. Projects underway include a case study for the use of industrial hemp to reverse soil degradation.

We have acquired 10,000 new cacao seedlings for farmers within the program. EarthCorp provides all assistance for growing the crops: technology, education, natural fertilizers and pesticides

Initial GESERP Project Areas

EarthCorp has several projects underway the cover a full range of environmental causes.  GESERP has a global goal of economic stimulation and community empowerment by encouraging and rewarding environmentally friendly practices.   Project areas include:

  • Ocean waste removal and coral reef rejuvenation
  • Agricultural self-sufficiency and soil reclamation
  • Potable water generation
  • Indoor commercial farming
  • Water purification
  • Clean energy production

Interested in learning more about GESERP or any EarthCorp project?  Know of a business that may be interested in working with EarthCorp to fund a pilot program?

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