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 GreenEco Group is an environmental infrastructure development team operating through two primary business segments: research and development and field applications. At GreenEco Group we understand the critical need to insure the care and safe keeping of our environment for today and tomorrow, therefore we only use products that are ecologically friendly and have a very low or negative carbon footprint, while offering our clients outstanding services and benefits that are highly appealing to their financial bottom line. 

   We entertain a wide variety of projects where our unique products and services can be employed, including  roadways, liquid storage facilities, commercial and municipal structures, marinas, flood barriers, and various commercial and residential housing applications. Either directly or through our partner companies we work with alternative energy development such as wind, ocean wave power, waste to energy (w2e) via pyrolysis, and hydrogen fuel generation. Some of our products include: ceramic concretes, advance polymer resin compounds, recycled rubber materials, commercial scale water purification systems, and bonded aggregate roadways.

 Through our methods each of these arenas is  framed within ecological stewardship: our duty to responsibly and effectively maintain the environment of our planet. We make every effort to target environmental restoration and waste sequestration through application of our products and services and we are always fully environmentally friendly. To us this means that there is extremely low or no carbon emission produced as a result of our products’ manufacturing or uses and these products will re-enter the environment in a neutral manner, such as through full recycling or harmless degradation upon disposal.

Our outlook and mindset

  • Delivering innovative construction, design, and technical solutions worldwide following the protocols of our mission statement
  • Performing with honesty and integrity in all aspects
  • Restore, preserve, and protect the environment
  • Listening closely and acting quickly and responsively to our clients needs and desires
  • Creating long-term partnerships and powerful client relationships
  • Constantly learning and always improving all aspects of our business and utilizing this growth for our clients best interests


Markets we serve

  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Municipal (waste and water treatment, infrastructure )
  • Government agencies
  • Commercial developers
  • Petrochemical ( fuel storage and transport)




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